Artist Bio 
Wait for What?! appeals to all ages. The most frequent compliment we receive, other than what a great sound, is "we love your song selection". T David was born into music.  His mother, Sarah Wiggins, was a folk singer in the 60s, singing with Guy Clark and many others.  He started strumming the guitar very early with those great influences around.  He has been playing and writing music for over 40 years. We raised our family with T David playing guitar everyday around the house.  After being married for about 7 years, we were at a bluegrass picking and someone handed Elane a mic, she belted out 3 or 4 songs.  T David, who had never heard her sing, said I didn't know you could sing, well you never asked me, was her reply. They went back to raising children. Many years later as empty nesters, T David was playing electric guitar in a hobbiest rock band.  He wanted to find some serious musicians to play and rehearse.  Elane said I can play with you, what can you play was his response.  I can play the drums, you never told me that he said.  Well you never asked me.  Anyway drums were ordered, rehearsal began and in a month she said we need a set list we have a show Saturday night.  T David was shocked and said, shouldn't we wait?  Wait for what was her reply, T David said well that's the name of the band, and Wait for What?! came to life. Since then they have been playing shows together every weekend. They call their music NEW GRASS. Shows include new and old Country, Classic Rock, New and Old pop and everybody loves a little blues. Original music is a part of the show, plus they put their own unique spin on songs that are familiar to you.  Elane played drums and sang while in college, started playing electronic drums with T David and as a result, "Wait for What?!" was created in 2012.  The duo is a combination of T David's guitar, mandolin, harmonica, vocals and songwriting skills plus Elane's voice, rhythm, and a passion for Keeping Music in the Air! Thanks to T David's many talents we have a really BIG sound. We have two CDs currently, T David played all of the instruments on both CDs as well as production. The first CD is 50% originals and 50% covers, with CD 2 "Times Moving Fast" is all original music. We travel around the United States in our Tour Bus playing music and having the time of our lives and living our dream. We are full time musicians so Wait for What?! is available 7 days a week for any venue or occasion where the beauty of music enhances your experience.  We are also available for special events and home concerts so give us a shout. We look forward to seeing you at our shows. KEEP MUSIC IN THE AIR!